"Every night they scrape you off the floor"

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Cat. No: AHOY CD 114
Captain Oi

Track Listing:

Rock N Roll Savage (Moncur/Harper)
Between The Eyes (Rab/Harper)
Suicide Taxi (Moncur/Harper)
Party Animal (Harper)
The Unknown (Rab/Harper)
Miss Teenage USA (Moncur/Harper)
Huntington (Harper)
All The Kings Horses (Rab/Moncur/Harper)
Jukebox (Harper)
SK8 Tough (Rab/Moncur/Harper)
Death Row (Rab/Harper)
The Bullshitter (Rab)
Dirt Boy (Harper)
All Change For Hollywood (Rab/Harper)
Blinding Stories (Rab)
This Gun Says (Harper)
Stranglehold (Live) (Harper/Garratt)
New Barbarians (Live) (Harper/Garratt)
Tomorrows Girls (Live) (Harper/Garratt)
Between The Eyes (Live) (Rab/Harper)

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: James Moncur
Bass: Plonker Magoo (Ricky McGuire)
Drums: Rab Fae Beith


CD credits Rab as writing track 22 though there are only 20 tracks on it!


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  • Above: CD.


Album review, Record Collector Magazine, August 1999

  • Above: Album review, Record Collector Magazine, August 1999.


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