• U.K. Subs play Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany


vocals & harmonica








English translation archived below:

The UK Subs fill the „Fabrik“ year for year
The UK Subs have been performing regularly at the „Fabrik“, Hamburg, for the past 20 years, presenting their freakingly loud rock’n’roll. Charlie Harper, 71, must be one of the oldest punk rockers on the planet and he always manages to fill the „Fabrik“, not a small venue. Remarkably, not all the same faces appear in the crowd, obviously, new fans turn up every year, young people enthused about the band and Charlie Harper’s outgoing way. Countless pictures with the resilient musician are taken at the merch table. With hair dyed in bright green and with a broad grin, he willingly signs autographs before and after his performance.
A small star with a beer belly, but without airs and graces, simply Charlie Harper as he is. Of course, he is no longer 18, but it is hard to believe that he has turned 71. His tour plans are incredibly packed, 28 gigs a month is quite a feat, physically, even for his bandmates who are considerbly younger (in years). Taking into account that they had just arrived from Brussels, facing a miserable traffic situation, the performance of the band on this evening was all the more impressive.
Full Power Rock from the start
As soon as the hall lights went off and the stage lights came on, the subs took off like a rocket. Jet presented a mighty guitar, Jamie on drums and Alvin on bass supplied the loud foundation. And Charlie? Just Charlie! Always toting a beer and all smiles. Anyone would smile when their audience almost goes berserk, including the back rows. Anyone in the front rows must have gone home with sore muscles and a bruise or so as a souvenir of such an exciting show, with sweaty, beer drenched clothes for the laundry.
Yes, a great show. A very good show. Next time, should the guys arrive in a more relaxed state, maybe even more power? Hardly conceivable!
Good drink supply and relaxed service
One more thing – I show up at many gigs, large and small. More often than not, I find the supply of beverages unsatisfactory, especially at larger shows. Do the venues underestimate the demand, are they not interested in sales or are they plain stupid? At many shows it is hardly possible to access one of the few bars, too many people hanging around there, sometimes even a rigid barrier in front of the counter. Accordingly, I drink practically no beer (or water) at such events. That is nice for my finances, but not for me, especially at hard-going punk rock shows.
This is where I have to expressly praise the crew of the „Fabrik“. Apart from the standard two bars, they installed additional beer taps at strategic points, which were well visited. So everyone was happy, we had our drinks and the host had sales. Even cooler – when the show is over, no-one is shoved straight outside, everyone has the chance to wind down, have a last beer and visit the merch tables for t shirts, discs and the like. Perfect! Something for other venues to consider! Thanks a million, great every time!



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