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U.K. Subs drummer Jamie Oliver is the guest vocalist on a new song by Mick O'Toole called 'False Flag Collapse'.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by George Lever at, Jamie told T&M that he "...met Mick O'Toole for the first time in Cheltenham and we all just clicked..."

Alongside the band's lead singer and mandolin player Arron, Jamie was unfairly kicked out of a local boozer and " was Arron who asked me if I would like to guest vocal on their new track."
Jamie initial reaction was "...what the fuck do they want me to guest vocal for? But I love their music and I love all of the guys in the band so I thought fuck it, why not?"
Jamie actually recorded his vocals at Pat Collier's studio whilst the U.K. Subs were recording their last ever album 'Ziezo' and sent the file over to them.
"After that they wanted me to do a quick video of me shouting into the camera, so I got my mate, we call him Lurch, to film it in an alleyway at the back of LIDL in Nuneaton. I still think I look like a fat piece of shit in it but I'm new to all this malarkey so I quite like it. All in all though working with Mick O'Toole was an awesome experience. Fucking love em!"
The band Mick O'Toole consist of Arron Heap: vocals/mandolin, Guy Shergold: vocals/bass, Jamie Squires: drums/vocals, Tyler Shurmer: guitar and Jimmy Moore: banjo/vocals.
Formed in 2012 in a town called Calne in Wiltshire, Mick O'Toole describe their style as "chaotic English Punk with our ancestral Celtic and English Folk creating our style of British Folk Punk." Mick O’Toole was a character in a song from local legends ‘The Boys Of County Hell’ a band whom they get most of their inspiration from. Other inspirations are Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Gogol Bordello,The Pogues, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Adverts and Rancid.
The band have released two EPs ‘Deep In Cider’ and ‘1665 Pitchfork Rebellion’ and while performing hundreds of gigs they "...realised that we only have one goal to keep making music that hopefully brings people together for a good ole knees up and a grand old singalong. No egos, no divas just working class men having a good time."
This new song was actually inspired by an interview that Jon Snow did with John Lydon, where the former Mr Rotten said: "Vile, nonsense, stupidity, lying and deceit. Modern politicians right now are uneducated morons and over privileged" as well as: "Really bloody learn to love each other properly cause you only get one go at it." 
Directed By Benjamin Corless -
Extra instrumentation and writing credits to Johnny "Reprobate" Edwards. 
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