The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage:

   Dogs to the Damned!   

Charlie Harper, as well as fellow Urban Dog Matthew Best made guest appearances at tonight's Damned gig at the Islington Academy in London.
Alongside another guest, Gaye Advert, Charlie and Matthew, who was nicknamed 'Turkey' for the early Urban Dogs releases, participated during the performance of the Damned's classic B-side track 'The Turkey Song'.
That song, the second B-side to the 1979 7" single 'I Just Can't Be Happy Today' was actually written about the Urban Dogs' drummer Matthew, who recalled to T&M: "Turkey was a name given to me by Captain Sensible. I was hanging around at his place one night and didn't leave quite quickly enough at the end of the night so he wrote a song called 'The Turkey Song' about me!"

The two photos above were taken from the stage by Matthew and the ones below are from a Facebook Damned page. Click images to enlarge...