Exclusive Pledgers In The Studio Article No.2   

Joe Hastings kindly agreed to write the following article for the Time & Matter website after his 'Pledge' visit to the studio to be involved in the making of the U.K. Subs' final album 'Ziezo'.

Perry Vale studio 14/12/15

My Pledge visit

Joe Hastings

Well I just couldn't wait to go; I was like a kid waiting for Christmas Day to arrive!
So on the Monday I arrived very early at the studio at about 9.30-ish and was in luck because Pat was already there, only because he was seeing someone else.
He made me feel at home straight away, but then told me he was going to pick up Alivn and Jamie and would I be OK to be left on my own in the studio? I said "...of course...", and asked if there was a guitar free that I could use? "Help yourself to the one that's in the cupboard", he said.
Nice one! So I helped myself to a Gibson Les Paul!
Forty minutes later they returned, with Erik, who was the other Pledger invited into the studio for the day. Erik had actually come all the way over from Sweden, now that's dedication!

Alvin and Jamie said their 'hellos' and we chatted about various band things and took some photos.
Jet arrived a little later and then they got on with their work,leaving Erik and I to ask questions and take lots of photos.
Charlie then turned up and once more we talked band things.
Erik, Jamie, Alvin and myself then went to lunch at the local cafe, quickly eating our food in order to get back into the studio.
We were amazed at how quickly they actually got from an idea to a tune and recorded it so quickly, with a few tweeks here and there before it was sorted.

Erik and I were then asked to do backing vocals on a track, we obviously didn't hesitate, such a massive wow to do that, it really made our day.
The day ended all too quickly really, but what a great bunch of people.
I'd like to take this opportunity to say many thanks to Pat, Charlie, Alvin, Jamie, Jet and Erik for an awesome and unforgettable day.
Massive T&M thanks to Joe for his time in sharing his experiences, and for the photos that accompany this article... click the photos to enlarge...
Originally published 23/12/2015