Exclusive Pledgers In The Studio Article No.1   

Paul Maile kindly agreed to write the following article for the Time & Matter website after his 'Pledge' visit to the studio to be involved in the making of the U.K. Subs' final album 'Ziezo'.

Perry Vale studio 8/12/15

Our Pledge visit

Paul Maile & Neil Watson

Having been a Subs fan since the late 1970s, I must admit that I felt slightly apprehensive on the way to the studio; just what to expect from our day with the band?
Alvin was already there when we arrived at 10.30, making us tea and showing us around the studio. Jamie then arrived and within an hour we were chatting and laughing like we'd known them for years!

Jet arrived next and Charlie rocked up about 1-ish...
We lunched in the cafe with Alvin and Jamie whilst Jet finished off a track and Charlie wrote some words for a song. Beer was always available and Alvin even shared his beloved red wine...
One of the many highlights of the day was going into the recording session and screaming backing vocals alongside Jet, Alvin and Jamie, which they then put up a video of on the actual Subs Pledge page... (click here to view) I'm sure it won't be used due to our so called cockney accents, but what a laugh!
We were also very fortunate to watch a song evolve from Charlie jotting down a few verses in the kitchen, before putting on his Rock Star glasses and laying them over a previously recorded track. Jamie then picked up various guitars and added in bits and pieces. With great humour, piss takes, and input from all, what started as a basic song turned into what I believe will be a great live track...
Big thanks then to Charlie, Alvin, Jamie, Jet and Pat for a day that we will never forget.
Cheers lads!
Massive T&M thanks to Paul for his time in sharing his experiences, and for the photos that accompany this article... click the photos to enlarge...
Originally published 20/12/2015