Third Hedersleben Album Now Available Via T&M  

T&M are chuffed to be able to offer copies of the third Hedersleben album, The Fall of Chronopolis, via our Big Cartel web-shop on CD and vinyl.

Nicky Garratt wrote about the album exclusively for Time & Matter earlier this year and you can read about every song in detail as well as Nicky's tour diary HERE.

All the CDs are signed by Nicky, and the vinyl copies have been signed by the whole band, which includes ex-Subs drummer Jason Willer.

Both of the previous Hedersleben albums, Upgoer and Die Neuen Welten, are available also, CD copies of Upgoer are signed by Nicky and vinyl copies of Die Neuen Welten by the whole band.

All stock is very limited, less than 10 copies of each, and will not be restocked this side of Christmas.

Hedersleben releases available HERE