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Let Them Eat Vinyl, who have recently re-issued a number of the U.K. Subs' albums on vinyl, will be re-issuing the band's ninth album, the 'live' double album 'In Action', on 15 June 2015.

Limited to 500 copies only, this deluxe 140 gram clear vinyl re-issue comes with a new cover and gatefold sleeve, adapted from the band's 'Countdown' 7" single cover. Distributed by Plastic Head, with a catalogue number of LETV222LP the Plastic Head description reads as follows:

"U.K. Subs came together in 1986 to play their most enduring classics in concert which was recorded for "In Action". The results are predictable: The band sounds precise, energetic, and lively, just as when the band formed 10 years previously."

The track listing for this clear vinyl deluxe re-issue is as detailed below:

SIDE A: 1.Emotional Blackmail / 2.Endangered Species / 3.Fear Of Girls / 4.New York State Police / 5.Rock 'n' Roll Savage / 6.Does She Suck / 7.Organised Crime / 8.B.1.C.
SIDE B: 9.You Don't Belong / 10.Confrontation Street / 11.Barbie's Dead / 12.Keep On Running 
13.Warhead / 14.Police State / 15.Teenage
SIDE C: 16.Telephone Numbers / 17.I Couldn't Be You / 18.I Live In A Car / 19 Party In Paris 
20.Crash Course / 21.Blues / 22.Killer / 23.Young Criminals / 24.Left For Dead / 25.Rockers
SIDE D: 26.Rat Race / 27.Between The Eyes / 28.Sk8 Tough / 29.CID / 30.Tomorrow's Girls 
31.Stranglehold / 32.New Barbarians
RFBLP2 front cover'In Action' or, to give it it's full album title 'In Action - Tenth Anniversary', was originally released on 7 April 1986 on vinyl on the then drummer Rab Fae Beith's RFB Records (RFB LP 2). This is the only previous time that the album has been issued in the UK, as the only other re-issue on vinyl came four years later, in 1990, with the German label Revolver putting the double LP out (REV LPZ 142); therefore, the new Let Them Eat Vinyl issue is the first time in over 25 years that 'In Action' has been available on vinyl, and nearly 30 years since it was issued in the UK.
Recorded in 1985, and featuring the previous studio LPs ('Huntington Beach') all Scottish (except Harper!) line-up of James Moncur on guitar, Plonker Magoo (Ricky McGuire) on bass and the aforementioned Rab on drums, 'In Action - Tenth Anniversary' was the Subs' first and only official A-Z release double LP.
It was also originally intended as a 'proper' live album with recordings from Telford and Aberdeen from their 1995 winter tour, but these recordings were 'replaced' by an album which was pressed on green vinyl - 5000 copies - and then on black vinyl. This original 1986 double LP came in a single outer sleeve, but the Revolver re-issue came in a gatefold sleeve on black vinyl.
Let Them Eat Vinyl have also scheduled for release 3 more U.K. Subs albums, the first two are due out on 31 July 2015 and will be 'Gross Out USA' and 'Occupied' whilst on 14 August 2015, the 'Live In Paris' LP gets a re-issue as under a new title 'Greatest Hits Live'.
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