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   Nicky Garratt News!   

   Brand new 'Brainticket' album plus other recordings due...   

Ex-U.K. Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt, who, along with ex-Subs drummer Jason Willer now play in Krautrock/Spacerock band Hedersleben has recorded an album with the legendary krautrock band Brainticket, entitled 'Past Present & Future', which will be released on 17 February 2015 on Purple Pyramid Records, through Cleopatra Records on CD and deluxe 180 gram 2LP vinyl, as well as MP3 download.

Cleopatra have announced the album as follows:

"The brand new studio album features the band’s most ambitious, melodically and sophisticated compositions since their extraordinary 1970 debut album 'Cottonwoodhill'!
Brainticket founder and leader Joel Vandroogenbroeck has brought on board an exceptionally talented group of musicians to help bring his vision to life including U.K. Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt, Jürgen Engler of Die Kurpps, Jason Willer and Kephera Moon from Nik Turner’s band, and others!"

Nicky exclusively revealed to T&M that; "Working with Joel Vandroogenbroeck was to say the least a great honour. Joel, born in Belgium, formed Brainticket in the late 1960s in Switzerland. He studied classical piano and was an award winning Jazz pianist by the age of 15. Additionally Joel is a first rate flutist and Sitar player, but rather than churn out formulaic Jazz or new age, Joel with Brainticket produced cutting edge Krautrock of the highest order. So when I was asked to be the musical director for the new album it was already the musical highlight of my career. This won't be a project for the die hard punk fan to listen to, but to play alongside this legend taught me more about music than any other chapter in my life.
As with the Nik Turner Project, I used Hedersleben as the backing band, and recorded Past, Present, and Future back to back with Hedersleben's Upgoer album. We started by exchanging sheet music we had written, most of these pieces made it to the album and most were pretty much close to first takes. Joel, even at 74, played precisely and was stocked with surprising ideas. Ex-Subs drummer Jason Willer excelled in my opinion.
I would venture to say that our cup runneth over and even as a double album a couple of pieces were omitted. Each day we would improvise resulting in the 'Dancing on the Volcano' parts 1 and 2 tracks and a few other bits. Joel is a master improvisor on all three of his chosen instruments. He is the real deal whether writing melodies and harmonies direct to manuscript without touching an instrument or soloing flawlessly. There were tentative plans to play live but these plans are on hold due to Joel's poor health..."

Brainticket Photo 1
Nicky and Joel in the control room of megasonic studios Oakland CA 2013
Brainticket Photo 2
Brainticket 2013     L to R    Nicky Garratt - Guitars, Bryce Shelton - Bass, Kephera Moon - Vocals/Keyboards, Kyrsten Bean - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Joel Vandroogenbroeck - Keyboards, Flute and Sitar, Jason Willer - Drums and percussion.


PsychRock website album review -

"This is the album that Brainticket fans have been waiting a long time, an album that honors the past, expands the future, and is ready to be enjoyed right NOW!"

 - read the full review - click here


Past Present & Future tracklisting:

1. Dancing On The Volcano (Part 1) 2. Dancing On The Volcano (Part 2) 
3. Reality Of Dreams 4. Proto Alchemy 5. Riding The Comet 6. East Moon
7. Singularity 8. Egyptian Gods Of The Sky 9. Brainticket Blues
Below: YouTube 'video' of 'Dancing On The Volcano Part 2'

Nicky also told T&M that; "we have recorded another album with Nik Turner, but I need to go in and add some guitar then mix it..."


As for his ongoing Hedersleben project, Nicky enthused to T&M that "Hedersleben are doing very well, the reviews on the new (second) album have been great. Read them here: and there are a bunch more waiting to go up. The recording on the third album 'Fall Of Chronopolis' starts on May 7th with our new bass player and violin player:"
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