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'YELLOW LEADER' - new vinyl re-press OUT NOW

It’s June 1st – It’s YELLOW LEADER DAY!
The third pressing of the critically acclaimed latest U.K. Subs album YELLOW LEADER is now available to order from Captain Oi! Records and comes with a 4 Track EP (proper vinyl – not flexi) which is limited to THIS PRESSING ONLY!
Both the LP and the 7″ are striped tri-colour vinyl of RED, YELLOW and BLUE.
Following the incredible sold out success of the yellow and red vinyl pressings of 'Yellow Leader' and taking on comments from both fans and stores alike, Captain Oi! decided that the third pressing should be 500 copies rather than the normal 250.
Captain Oi! also gave over a month's notice that this was on sale TODAY – so hopefully no-one will miss out this time...
This package looks amazing and it’s great that the entire album is now available on vinyl. Enjoy!


Also available via Amazon - click here

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