"Whatever happened to my Transylvanian Twist?"

No Pedigree front cover ...and the back cover

  • Above: No Pedigree UK CD release, 2014, front and back covers.
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Label: Captain Oi! Records
Recorded: August 12th to 17th, 1985
Released: 13th February 2014



Wanna World (Carnochan/Harper)
Lost In A Dream (Carnochan)
Hard Drive (Carnochan/Harper/Bentham)
Monster Mash (Capizzi/Pickett)
Heavy Women (Carnochan/Harper/Bentham)
Slum Goddess (Carnochan)
Cold Turkey * (Lennon)

No Pity (Carnochan)
The Word (Harper)
Teenage Confusion (Carnochan/Harper)
Ghost (Harper)
Sex Slave (Harper)
Children Of The Revolution (Bolan)
Pleasure & Pain # (Harper)


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper (Bass *)
Vocals, Guitar, Bass: Knox
Drums, Keyboard: Turkey (Matthew Best) (Bass #)

Sax: Anthony Thistlethwaite
Backing vocals: The Raspberry Tarts (Lead vocals *)
Screams on *:
Janis Thomassina


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  • Above:CD



Notes on the cover artwork by Knox:

"The original artwork partly came from some sketches done by Wilson (engineer/producer for this album) which I turned into paintings for the album. The original album had a painting very reminiscent of my painting style on The Fallen Angels first album cover (see picture below), but was rejected by Frenchie of Flicknife Records who instead used my back cover as the album cover. The original front cover painting was quite large, probably 4' x 4', but it's whereabouts is now unknown!"


Fallen Angels 1st LP cover - see text above


Dave Dudley remembers the gig where the photo for the back cover was taken:

"We were part of the 'huge' Urban Dogs though. This band did at least one gig at the 100 Club in 1985. The line up was Harper/ Knox/ Turkey & Davies- drums/ Plonker Magoo- bass/ Anthony Thistlethwaite (from the Waterboys)- sax, Rebecca & Melissa singing and me on Gibson SG2 and keys. I have a recording of this gig! And a picture of it is on the back of one of the Urban Dogs' albums (No Pedigree). I am silhouetted just to the left of a Marshall stack. You have to look very hard to see me! You can see the girls just to the left of me. You can also see it's Davies (Pete) on drums in the picture and Anthony holding his sax on the right of the picture. The girls sang on the studio album (No Pedigree)."


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