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Please get involved if you can...
Music makes a difference and this charity project will further prove it!
Great news! Charlie Harper's fellow Urban Dog Knox has started up a fantastic new venture. 

The Rock 'n' Roll Charity Shop in Camden Town, London, opened on Friday 12th December 2014, the location being 96 Parkway, NW1 7AN, next to the Dublin Castle. 

Knox originally put out a message via his Facebook page on the 11th December stating:
"Help (all sorts) and stock needed to get it going. I will be there from 2pm - 8pm. Thanks in advance! - Knox."
On the day it opened, Knox further expanded his magnanimous vision for the project:
It is part of, and being done in conjunction with the Dublin Castle. It currently says “Dandelion Café” over the door. Hopefully the Rock ‘n’ Roll Charity Shop will do really good business, and also be a centre for organising more charity ideas. It’s luckily in Camden Town as that is regarded as London’s music centre. The shop could sell musical instruments, amps, vinyl, CDs, T-shirts, gold records, etc., etc. Most musicians have tons of stuff they don't really need, but don't want to either sell or throw away. Giving the stuff to a Rock ‘n’ Roll charity shop would be an ideal solution. Musicians (the ones I know at any rate) also have lots of free time, so there would hopefully be no shortage of volunteers and manpower.
The charity shop could make money for:
- local charities like the food bank 
- people struggling at the lower end of the welfare system
- abused women 
- give kids musical instruments and music lessons
- advice on drugs to kids
- help animals
- help people in terrible conditions in other parts of the world, etc., etc. 
Unfortunately a seemingly ever-growing list of things. 
Plus the charity shop could be a centre for lots of other activities like:
- planning and carrying out charity events
- recording
- setting up Rock ‘n’ Roll jumble sales 
- taking stuff to sell at gigs, etc. 
Music people generally have a fairly good sense of community so I’m pretty sure the ideas suggested here would work, and if they worked the charity shop idea might spread.
I think that there's an enormous untapped charity market here, plus people with free time who'd really like to help. The idea is to get the shop going and sort out the charity status as fast as possible to both avoid being crippled by the local business rates, and to be able to call the shop a charity shop which officially we’re not able to do at the moment. I think it should somehow be independent of other charities so it can decide where the money goes. 
It will very soon have a dedicated website, etc. The main requirement is for people to help with all forms of skills: painting and decorating, moving stuff (drivers with vehicles willing to do that for petrol money), web design computer people, electrical engineers to look at equipment, people to fix broken/damaged instruments, people who can pop out and buy stuff locally (‘runners’ I think they’re called), staff people, etc., and as there’s a bit of a café in the shop we need people to man that, etc., etc. Also we need money!! Maybe Rock ‘n’ Roll can save the world!"
The pictures on this news story were taken by Yuko, on her and Charlie's second visit to the new charity shop on 23rd December, when Charlie donated lots of his stuff to help this incredibly fantastic cause.