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   Paul Slack News!   


Ex-U.K. Subs bassist Paul Slack has launched a brand new venture called PAUL SLACK ART.
As many knowledgable Subs fans will know, Paul attended St. Martin’s School of Art in the late 1970s before finding fame as a U.K. Sub during their most commercially successful period circa 1978-1980.
Paul's latest press release takes up the story about his paintings and sculptures as follows:

"Abandoning my studies to pursue a career in music, I was a founder member of the British punk band UK Subs and made several appearances on “Top of the Pops”. I also appeared in Julian Temple’s film “Punk Can Take It” and more recently in Lionel Guedj’s “Rock ‘n Roll of Corse”, a biographical portrait of Corsican guitarist Henry Padovani, which was officially selected for the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.
Having quit the music scene at the end of the eighties I returned to playing music in 2007 and have since toured regularly in Europe as well as Australia and Japan. At the beginning of 2014 I returned to my first love and started to work on a series of paintings based on discoveries made whilst exploring abandoned or derelict buildings.
Each of my paintings consists of several layers which are then partially removed to expose the different designs that lay beneath. I may start each painting with a vague idea of what I want to achieve but then the process of painting takes over. This way of working often leads to several dead-ends before the finished painting is fully realised...

Below are a selection of Paul's recent work - click the image to enlarge...



Below: 'Carnival': photo by George Harriman-Smith - click to enlarge

In an exclusive chat about his artwork with Time & Matter Paul gave some further insights into his methods: "Each of us carries around a store of visual memories which most of the time lie dormant and undisturbed. In the process of painting I try to tap into these images to try to create something new and yet not unrelated to experience..."
>>> “That art can or should be like music is another theory – in that just as music is patterns of sound, art’s effects should be created by pure patterns of form, colour and line. The idea, derived from the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, that the highest form of beauty lies not in the forms of the real world but in geometry, is also used in discussion of abstract art as is the idea that abstract art, to the extent that it does not represent the material world, can be seen to represent the spiritual." The Tate Gallery. <<<
Paul also divulged the following to T&M:
"On my sculpture “Carnival”!
“Carnival” is an assemblage or “objets trouvés” piece. It is constructed from discarded or abandoned non-artistic objects. It represents a “Steampunk” vision of a sort of carnival float, one that you might see at a Chinese New Year festival. Much in the way that my paintings grow from the process of painting itself, my sculptures emerge through placing objects alongside each other until an idea forms and construction begins."

Paul has a number of his paintings being shown at the Chapel Place Gallery ("...the new home of modern and contemporary art in Tunbridge Wells..." - website link here) in late November with prices at the gallery starting at £650. However,  if you prefer to contact Paul directly about prices you can do this by messaging him through his Facebook page.

   "Paul Slack on lead bass..."   

In other (music) news, Paul has also recently been back in France "rehearsing and laying down some demos" with Tio Manuel, with whom he recorded a new version of the Subs classic 'Warhead' a couple of year ago.

Paul revealed to T&M that, "...this is a new musical venture by Tio Manuel. My good friend Manu Castillo has set some poems by iAN Ottaway to music. Our venture is called 'The iAN Ottaway Project'. iAN provides “Spiritual Tech Support For Black Rebel Motorcycle Club” and is an artist in his own right. A good friend of his described him like this; “You could say that he's a kind of fourth member of the band, a dark desperate poet, great reader of Rimbaud, Baudelaire and Bukowski.” Here are a couple of links to check out...

Paul further expanded on this new project adding that, "...for me it’s an interesting and exciting project that brings together a melting pot of diverse musical sensibilities.  French, Spanish, African and English playing styles are being blended into something outside of the mainstream.

Paul is also back as a member of the London based band The Penny Black Remedy, who are about to start gigging again with a show at Hootenanny's in Brixton on 28th November, then they're off to France for a short tour.
For all the latest information and gig dates check out TPBR Facebook page: click here