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   New album Update  

   Title confirmed as YELLOW LEADER  

  Exclusive T&M Charlie Interview about the album  

Exclusive news from Captain Oi! and full album track listing!

Time & Matter has recently spoken to both Charlie Harper and Mark Brennan from Captain Oi! in order to bring you the very latest news regarding the brand new U.K. Subs album, due out later this year, which will be entitled YELLOW LEADER.
There was some talk of the album being called ‘Yes And Now’, but the chosen title is actually a shortened version of the one that Charlie alluded to back in early 2013, which was published in a short interview in Vive Le Rock magazine Issue 12 (May / June 2013), where he told VLR the title was going to be “Yellow Leader: Songs About Friendly Fire and Other Tragedies of Ancient and Modern Warfare”.

The band have recorded 18 tracks as listed below with songwriting credits:

1. Sick Velveteen (Gibbs)
2. Artificial (Harper)
3. Bordeaux Red (Gibbs)
4. Chemical (Oliver / Harper)
5. Deconstruct (Harper)
6. Diatribe (Harper)
7. Feed The Whore (Gibbs)
8. Heathens (Oliver)
9. Prime Evil (Gibbs)
10. Rebellion Song (Harper) Acoustic
11. Sin City Blues (Harper)
12. Slave (Oliver / Harper)
13. Big Bug (Jet / Harper)
14. Suicidal Girl (Jet / Harper)
15. Virus (Gibbs / Harper)
16. Cry Wolf (Jet / Harper)
17. Archaeology (Harper)
18. 611 (Jet)   (Instrumental)

The album has been produced by Charlie and Pat Collier at the latter's Perry Vale Studios in London, as were the last two Subs albums.
Mark Brennan revealed to T&M that initial plans are to release a hardback style CD in late October along with a 250 copy picture disc vinyl version. If the album comes out on ordinary colour vinyl then Captain Oi! would also look to do this with a gatefold sleeve.

All vinyl copies will not include 'Rebellion Song' and '611'.
T&M regular readers will recognise the song title ‘Rebellion Song’ as that is the new Urban Dogs single, due to be released on Time & Matter Records later this year. This U.K. Subs version however, is actually an acoustic take by Charlie and Jamie.
Charlie, who finished mixing the new album with Pat on Wednesday 20 August is thrilled with the new recording, describing the experience and results as “amazing really…” Charlie told T&M that he’d “…been listening to the rough mixes for days now…” and when quizzed about how he sees the album in relation to the last two that this line-up had previously recorded – Work In Progress & XXIV – he revealed that the key to the band’s current critical upward curve was due to it being “…great to have four talented writers, whereas previously it’s only been two or three…” Charlie confirmed to T&M that he is in no doubt that the new album is an improvement on the last two, mischievously chuckling whilst concluding his verdict that “…I dunno how we do it!

On the album’s final production and overall sound Charlie enthused that “...we’ve turned Alvin’s bass up, which sounds huge, as I wanted his ‘lead bass’ to this time sound mega and gritty, especially as Jamie’s drum sound is so awesome and Jet’s done such a fabulous job on guitar again….
Charlie also mentioned that he was really excited about Alvin’s song ‘Sick Velveteen’ and he loves Jet’s instrumental ‘611’ (look at your official T&M U.K. Subs calendars to work out the reason for this song title folks! – Ed).

Asked about what he considered his own favourite songs, Charlie named ‘Diatribe’ as one to look out for, although he also loves ‘Deconstruct’, which he described as "...a cross between The Ramones and Discharge!" It took him "...5 minutes to write but..." he promises "’ll get inside your head!"
Finally, regarding the new album’s front cover artwork, the fabulously talented Daryl Smith, of Chase The Ace, has once again been tasked with coming up with the artwork, with Charlie’s remit being that it is based on the work and cartoons by the ‘American pop artist’ Roy Leichtenstein, of which an example can be seen above, with Lichtenstein being pictured right.