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  U.K. Subs: 'AD 1979 - 1981 The Gem Years' 

On the 22nd September 2014, Edsel Records will release 'U.K. Subs 'AD 1979 – 1981 The Gem Years '. This 90 track 5 CD fully rounds up everything recorded by the Subs during their time with GEM Records and is available to pre-order now at:
Time & Matter are teaming up with Edsel to further look at the box set in more detail over the next few weeks...
Discs 1 - 4 will be faithful reproductions of the band’s first four albums, all of which made the British National Top 30:
Another Kind Of Blues (No.21)
Brand New Age (No.18)
Crash Course (No.8)
Diminished Responsibility (No.18).  
Disc 5 features 22 tracks covering all the band’s A and B sides for GEM all of which made the UK National Top 50:
Stranglehold (No.26)
Tomorrows Girls (No.28)
Warhead (No.30)
She’s Not There (No.36)
Teenage (No.32)
Party In Paris (No.37)
Keep On Running (No.41). 
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