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  Nicky Garratt T&M Exclusive 

  New Hedersleben album out now  

  Nicky explains the new songs exclusively for T&M  

Nicky Garratt's new band Hedersleben have a brand album out now. Entitled 'Die Neuen Welten', it is the second of a trio of albums, and follows on from their 2013 debut 'Upgoer'.
Time & Matter are pleased to announce that we are now stocking the second Hedersleben CD, 'Die Neuen Welten', featuring Nicky Garratt as well as ex-U.K. Subs drummer Jason Willer...
New album line-up: 
Nicky Garratt - Guitars / Kephera Moon - Keys / Kati Knox - Vocals / Bryce Shelton - Bass / Jason Willer - Drums/Percussion.

"This is the only time I've ever explained the meaning of these songs!

I envisioned the first 3 Hedersleben LPs from the band’s inception.
It's Time and Matter - or strictly Time and Space - in a sense.
The first album 'Upgoer' is about humanities ultimate goal of going up.

Upgoer (part one)
We look up! You will hear the sounds of Earth and at the end the voice is a recording of the last speaker of a dead language.
Der Donnervogel (Dreamstate)
Up we go and we pass, allegorically, through the mythical Thunderbird constellation.
Dark Nebula
Thoughts during the journey. (Words by K. Bean).
Upgoer (Part 2)
The expansive galaxy engulfs the ship as do the possibilities.
The End of Love. (Dreamstate)
The crew emerge from the cryogenic machines. To them they have just said their goodbyes to lovers, friends and families who have, by now been dead for thousands of years.

The second, new album, 'Die Neuen Welten' continues our saga as we celebrate the new worlds discovered by the Kepler space telescope. Now these planets await.

Zu Den Neuen Welten
To the new worlds.
(On The Ground) Safe and Sound
The unmanned probe lands.
Nomad World (Dreamstate)
We know planets can be ejected from star systems to drift darkly through interstellar space. It has been postulated that they might be more numerous than stellar bound worlds. These orphans mimic humanity itself until we can show we are not alone.
One of Space telescope Kepler's triumphs.
Tiny Flowers/Little Moon
…and life goes on. Little Moon is our keyboard player Kephera's world - you'll need a passport.

The third album 'Fall Of Chronopolis' is about that unsettling dimension that robs us of everything: Time. It is based on the glorious book of the same name by Barrington J.Bayley.

It is due to be recorded next year..."

Nicky Garratt 16 July 2014

Further Information on Hedersleben...

From the band's website:

"At the Kosmische Musik Zentrum plans were hatched for a new project. A krautrock/progrock band with an authentic spirit of the early seventies scene. The KMZ is certainly a work in progress, but the stone cellars and outbuildings, along with the main building affords ample room for any art project. Along with local musicians, visitors to the summer jams have included Klaus Henatsch from Nektar and Uve Mullrich from Embryo.
Back in California, Nicky Garratt became the musical director and guitarist for the new Nik Turner album recruiting Jason Willer (U.K. Subs) and Jeff Miles (Chelsea) for the rhythm section. 
With Jugen Engler (Die Krupps) playing second guitar and Keyboards the band completed the highly acclaimed 'Space Gypsy' album. Here was the catalyst for the new project Hedersleben. On the heels of 'Space Gypsy' Hedersleben joined Joel Vandroogenbroeck's Brainticket for a new album adding Kephera Moon and Kyrsten Bean on vocals and keyboards and Bryce Shelten replacing Miles on Bass. Immediately after the Brainticket album this line-up recorded Hedersleben's debut album Upgoer. Hedersleben embarked on their first US tour opening for and backing Nik Turner in October/November 2013.
After a headlining west coast tour Hedersleben recorded their seconnd album 'Die Neuen Welten' in May 2014."
On June 3rd 2014 Hedersleben performed a one-off show with guest guitarist Captain Sensible of the Damned at 1234Go Records in Oakland, see the full set below:


Hedersleben have today released a 17 minute film/video version of Zu Den Neuen Welten. It was shot and directed by Erren Franklin, and at the end of the piece, there is a little footage of what Nicky described to T&M as "Hedersleben goofing around..."