• U.K. Subs play the Fleece, Bristol, England 


CHARLIE HARPER- vocals & harmonica

JET- guitar



 U.K. Subs pictured Japan 2013 - click to enlarge


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The following news story appeared on T&M:

  • 10/05/2014: Uber Rock's fab review of the A-M-I album
There's been another great review of A-M-Is album on Time & Matter Records, this time on the Uber Rock website.
Click here to read it...
We have, however, also archived it below:
A-M-I - 'Anti-Meathead-Inc' (T&M Records)
CD Reviews
Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 10 May 2014 03:20
Would you be impressed if I told you this band were made up of teenagers? So what, I hear you say, who cares how old they are, the important issue is are they any good, right?  
Okay, I'll let you into a secret - they've been mentored by some punk rock royalty in the shape of Captain Sensible and Charlie Harper and this is released on T&M which just so happens to be the home of the UK Subs web presence. But don't let that fool you, these  two 15, 13, and twelve year olds can stand shoulder to shoulder with people twice their age and way beyond. Getting their groove on with opening track 'Stuff' they clearly have technical ability and in fairness considering their ages they can bloody well write a tune too. Given a few plays and I'm really impressed from the lyrics to the songwriting: this is good, no, this is excellent.  
They cite the obvious bands as influences but they also name check some metal bands that show up in their influences like Metallica and Slipknot. They've already used their network of friends to bag themselves some impressive gigs which can only be a good thing and the fact that a bunch of kids want to play punk or metal this good is refreshing. Not all the kids today are being dumbed down and zombified - this group are out there living the dream and dishing out some pretty impressive tunes to boot.
The subjects tackled in this collection include things every teen comes across like bullying ('Meathead' and 'Billy No Mates') but they also tackle environmental issues, consumerism and treachery. Songs like 'Implode' remind me of Senser at their peak and the riffage of 'The Beach' is crossover-tastic and will have a wide appeal no question about it.  
This CD, that's very nicely packaged in a vinyl replica sleeve with a cool disc that comes in several colours to mimic a vinyl record, also has the bonus tracks from their debut single release from March 2012 that was produced by none other than Charlie Harper.
There aren't any dull points on this collection anywhere just a really impressive set of tunes that crossover between punk and metal perfectly and if this is what they can produce now, just think how good they could be in another ten years of touring and honing their craft.  
Look out for A-M-I because I predict big things if this collection is anything to go by.